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“Give New Life to Plastic Packaging”

The problem of plastics in the environment

Plastic production has grown exponentially in just a few decades – from 1.5 million tons in 1950 to 359 million tons in 2018, worldwide – and, with that, the amount of plastic waste has also increased. After a sharp drop in production in the first half of 2020, due to COVID-19, production recovered to its previous levels in the second half of the year.

In Europe, energy recovery is the most used way to dispose of plastic waste, followed by recycling. About 25% of all plastic waste generated is disposed of in landfills.

Half of the plastic collected for recycling is exported, for treatment in countries outside the EU. Reasons for export include lack of capacity, technology or financial resources to treat waste locally. A significant proportion of exported plastic waste was previously sent to China, but with the country's recent ban on plastic waste imports, EU exports are increasingly likely to decline. This carries the risk of increased incineration and landfilling of plastic waste in Europe. Meanwhile, the EU is already trying to find more circular and environmentally friendly alternatives for managing its plastic waste.

The low percentage of plastic recycling in the Union means big losses for the economy and the Environment. It is estimated that 95% of the material value of plastic packaging is lost to the economy, after a short cycle of first use.

Each year, plastic production and incineration globally emits approximately 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (Co2), some of which could be avoided through better recycling.

Globally, in 2019, researchers estimate that plastic production and incineration emitted more than 850 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. By 2050, these emissions could increase to 2.8 billion tonnes, while a good part of them could be avoided through better recycling.

Directive (EU) 2018/852 sets a common goal for Member States to reuse and recycle by 2025 50% of plastics produced and by December 31, 2030, 55% of plastics.

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Project description

It was in view of the problem of plastics, their growing production and their consequent perverse environmental effects, well known on our planet, and imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit that Ambition & Honesty and its partners decided to devote special attention to the problem of treatment and recycling of plastic waste.

In fact, plastic recycling is an important factor in the transition to a circular and green European market. With recycling, Europe can decouple its dependence on natural resources and work towards a more sustainable and autonomous economy.

The decisive factors for this transition are technological innovations, the design of recyclable and durable products, the increase in selective collection, quality classification and optimized recycling processes. Ensuring a sustainable future for plastics depends on increasing the absorption of recycled material.

Thus, and as a corollary of a fruitful R&D work carried out, with the support of renowned European partners, in the field of industrial equipment for mixed PP, PE & PET plastics, it was therefore possible to design the Sorting & Recycling System. A structuring environment friendly project, whose main objective is the correct use and consequent recovery of plastic waste with a new type of sorting.

The units are installed using the most modern equipment and technologies, which make it possible to reduce water and electricity consumption as much as possible, using an internal water treatment and purification system and the implementation of innovative electricity production systems. which allows the production of energy from the waste generated in the entire process of Treatment and Valorization of plastics.

With the presentation of this PP, PE & PET Mixed Plastic Waste Treatment & Recovery System as an innovative and differentiating project, we believe we can contribute to a greener world with a smaller ecological footprint.

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